Nutrition & Diet Sessions

What are the benefits of working with a Registered Dietitian?

There is so much nutrition information on the internet and in magazines that it can be difficult to navigate what is actually factual and science-based when it comes to a healthy diet. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, but only a registered dietitian has completed multiple layers of education and training. In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree, an RD must complete 1,200 hours of supervised practice in a variety of settings and pass a rigorous comprehensive exam. A dietitian has a science-based education, as well as experience in counseling that will help you meet your specific needs.

What a session includes

Assessment based on health and diet history
Personalized nutrition plan based on your individual needs
Recipe and meal Ideas
Grocery store guidance
Tools to practice more mindful eating
Coaching and accountability

Topics and Conditions

Weight Management
Gestational Diabetes
Heart Disease
Food Allergies
GI Disorders- IBS, Celiac Disease etc
Healthy diet for pregnancy
Post-partum and breastfeeding nutrition

About Our Dietitian & Nutritionist Laura Schmidt 

Laura Schmidt is a board certified, licensed dietitian and nutritionist based in Maury Country.

In 2009, Laura Schmidt graduated cum laude at Lipscomb University with a bachelor of science degree in consumer sciences with a concentration in dietetics. From 2011 to 2012, Laura worked with NHC Health Care. In 2012, she worked at Maury Regional Medical Center  as a consultant dietitian for Maury County Public Schools, along with working as a registered dietitian for the health departments of Maury, Hickman, Lewis, and Perry counties. 

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